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Sunday, November 14, 2004



Hi Tony….It’s great to have you back! Hope the break was refreshing.

The US election has made some folks crazy hasn’t it? “How can the American’s vote for a guy who went to war over weapons of mass destruction that did not exist?”

It’s not that question that I wanted to debate in my post; but I guess by extension I entered into it.

We can sit around the fire and argue about whether the war is correct, right, wrong, illegal, immoral, based on greed, based on oil, based on *****, or on any number of fronts. We can do the same with Bush.

But to sit back and call the 59million American people (that’s almost three times the population of Australia!)morons, idiots, or irresponsible is just pointless, and doesn’t add anything to the argument. And that was the point in my post. It’s not that I support the War in Iraq, but sitting back taking such low level pot shots at people you disagree with doesn’t progress anyone’s cause.

I remember reading a quote following the election: "In America, peoples' views of war are a part of the cultural divide." And they have proved decisive. They decided the like George more than John (and yep, it was about the personalities). They support his decision to go war with Iraq. They are not stupid though; they know that the so-called intelligence about Saddam Hussein was wrong. Like everybody they now know that Saddam was not the threat they thought he was. Despite this they still believe the US did the right thing, getting rid of him before he did become a threat. But like with so many issues, you rarely get to hear the voice of the majority, except when it comes to an election.

For the record (and very briefly!) I did support the “Coalition of the Willing” and their entry into Iraq. I think Saddam had to go. I think the unearthing of about 260 mass graves containing as many as 20 000 bodies says something for the cause. As does the 12 million who were liberated from brutal, murderous leadership. But I am not blasé about the casualties, although I do accept that war costs lives, and if we are not prepared for human loss then we shouldn’t fight in them. I was promised a quick war, a quick resolution. But I got neither. So sure it pisses me off that we are still there. It pisses me off that no one will present me with a good plan and exit strategy.

But I doubted that Mark (out by Xmas) Latham or John Kerry had the leadership qualities or ability to give me what I wanted. Howard and Bush might not (probably wont) either, but at the very least domestic issues will be well managed. And if that means that “I’ll be right, Jack.” Then so be it.

I am interested in your thoughts on Hillary Clinton though. Why doesn’t she fill you with much hope?

(Hey, for more on spirited political debate between mates, check here: http://timblair.spleenville.com/archives/008015.php#comments )

All the same, missed your blog, great to have you home! Cheers.

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