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Monday, December 06, 2004



Great! very weasely indeed.I'd also add "convergence" and "transparency" and "empowerment". Also nearing the precipice: "co-creating" . All perfectly good words, all appropriated by people impersonating weasels.


Don't forget flexibility, enhance, core (as in "core promise")and it's bed-buddy non-core or my favorites maximising synergies and pushing the envelope....Heaps of them.
Business Leaders and politicians are great at using words like this to say nothing whilst saying something...

Tony Goodson

Thanks John and Shannon, I've included most of your words on to my own list, except "flexibility" which I use all the time!!


Have a read of Don Watson's "Death Sentence". My wife gave me "Weasel Words" for Christmas. The book is a follow on/dictionary to Death Sentence. I hope that all kids are made aware of the blatant abuse of the English language and avoid sounding like mindless drones of a corporate world.

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