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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


James Wall

I fear that I can fairly confidently say there's no such thing. I tried to find exactly the same thing when I was working at Megalomaniacs Pty Ltd with no luck - until it was helpfully pointed out that we already had a business card scanner and just had to download the software. I'm afraid you're just going to have to fork out the dollars for it.

Jim Symcox


I thought about using my normal scanner but luckily i decided to get a card scanner (from eBay) - works like a dream and is fast because you just feed cards in like an old fashioned mangle used to feed in sheets.

PS I you must be from the same era as me (if you're the rimmer poster too)

PPS My wife has been in George Best's old house in Manchester (Whitefield I think). It had a window you could see through from the bedroom into the bathroom!



Did you succeed in finding the freeware OCR for business cards?


Tony Leonardo

Anybody have any luck?


Tony - not sure if you are still looking but check out my application - CloudContacts - http://www.cloudcontacts.com



used computers

It's the software that makes it recognise business cards and put it in a state that they can be exported to Outlook Contacts.


Free OCR is an online application that allows free and easy way to convert an image (with text) in text document.

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