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Saturday, March 25, 2006



check out Nelements (http://nelements.net), a 3d note-taking tool. you can map your mind in 3d!



3D Topicscape allows mindmapping and concept mapping in 3D. It can import from a text file exported by Mind Manager and build the 3D scene automatically. I use Mind Manager regularly, but find that there often comes a point when I want to stand back and see the big picture and a 2D sheet can't handle that for substantial projects. Then it's good to be able to go into 3D. 3D Topicscape also lets you store multiple files, notes and web pages at each node, so it's good for organizing information by topic, sub-topic and so on. And it allows multiple parents for a node, so if you want to store some information under many headings, you can do that without the problems of duplicated files or broken shortcut links.

Zahid Ayar

new address for Nelements KOS - 3d mind mapping : http://nelements.org


3D Topicscape, the 3D mindmapper mentioned above, now has Lite and Pro versions. Lite is great for people with big ToDo lists who also have information management needs and want a simpler interface. Pro can work with more other software including live links into Outlook and many export and import possibilities. There's a description of both at http://www.topicscape.com/introduction-Topicscape-Pro-Lite.php There is a free trial version with all features working.


This is a step in the right direction.
Have been looking for ways to do visual diagrams that can have portions linked to wiki-like PIM notes that have OLE built in to support images, sortable tables and such.
Here is an intriguing package -http://www.vertikalsystems.com/en/products/vorg/vorgexpress.htm
Through their Vorg Spaces feature, you can have imbed graphics with linked notes on the graphic - great for things like house renovation projects where you could have the diagram of a house and identify what needs to be done.
What I don't like is the software is too limited, with little import/export features and an unknown company.

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