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Friday, January 05, 2007


Stephen Newton

I think you may be going off on a tangent with this idea. You rightly point out that scientific research is mostly funded by commercial interests. That’s inevitable in as much as enterprise will always be interested in technologies that may generate profit.

More relevant to this discussion, business will have an interest in evidence they can call scientific that justifies current practice or dismisses criticism. It seems to me that, in the context of Feyerabend’s ideas, those behind Sense about Science are naïve; they foolishly believe their method is a path to undeniable truths. The claim to be ‘sensible’ tends to confirm this.

But what concerns me about the way you’ve presented Feyerabend is that the unethical, disingenuous enterprise may hide behind him. Homeopaths are an obvious example, as are those who argue against climate change.

Tony Goodson

Hi Stephen,
I agree with you, I think!
The Homeopaths and Creationists need to be accountable as well as the Scientists, but why are the Scientists going after the Homeopaths before they've sorted themselves and their fellow scientists out!

The more I read about Feyerabend, the more counter the argument is to much of Sense about Science.

And isn't the issue with climate change, not whether it's happening or not, but what is causing it?

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