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Monday, April 16, 2007


Darren Strange

sorry run that by me again? you think we should build a 3d version of office designed to run on a wall? sounds interesting but would the 500 million users of Office upgrade I wonder?

Tony Goodson

Yep, a spreadsheet the size of a wall viewed through a simple Virtual Reality headset and glove.
I wouldn't say it if I hadn't seen the Wii go part of the way there.

And the problem is that Microsoft will sit on its fat arse taking as many Office upgrades as it can, until it dies.
You heard it here first about the future direction!

Microsoft make the best Mouses and Keyboards! Go cheer Michael Dell up, and find a small innovative skunkworks.

Darren Strange

so your business advice to us is to stop creating new versions of Office? Wouldn't you see this as a parallel activity? Aren't you actually just proposing a new output/UI device? in which case wouldn't this be more of a windows related matter?

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