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Thursday, June 28, 2007



You have the Skype charges for domestic calls all wrong. Check out "Skype Pro".

Also, I would be hesitant in relying on Skype. It offers a proprietary solution and not bound by the safeguards applicable to Australian-based providers. Skype has a bad habit of trumpeting about minor price decreases but not notifying users of price increases.

See the well-respected broadband discussion site www.whirlpool.net.au for details on your broadband and voice options.

Tony Goodson

Robert is right, the calls are free in Australia on Skype Pro, with a 6 cent per call charge (flagfall/connection). So I've signed up for Skype Pro. What I'm saving on not having a second line at home, I may pay a premium on my Broadband and go for cable if it's more stable than ADSL.

That beats paying $40 "Service and Equipment" charge with Southern before I've even made a call!!

Steve Harrington

Recently, a couple of months here in New Zealand, we now have Skype IN landline numbers available.

I bought a Skype IN number for NZ$50 per year and for NZ$3 per month subscription to Skype Pro, I can call toll free anywhere to a NZ landline nationwide for only a 6 cents connection fee per call.

Anyone can call my Skype IN number toll free and no connection fee to Skype IN from a landline. The are many great features to check out in Skype PRO, including Call Forwarding, Call Transfer and Conference Calling up to 24 (not 9) etc, etc.

You can use up to THREE Call Forward options too. Call Forward to other landlines, mobiles or Skype Contacts. Mobiles here are about 40 cents per minute on Skype and up to double with Vodafone, Telecom etc if you are prepaid with no 2 year plan or similar. All landlines in NZ do not have a connection fee for local calls like Aussie, but our line rentals are about NZ$45 with tax incl.

With the Call Forward, I divert my Skype IN number to my home landline (toll & connection free) if I am "Off Line" from my computer (and Skype on the PC). I can also divert my home Telecom landline to my Skype IN New Zealand number to be able to take home phone calls on Skype, from anywhere in NZ & the world.

We do not have 3 X Series mobile phones here yet, but many Kiwis on Skype hope to get it soon.

I am an Aussie from Melbourne.



matthew  kitaka

i am thinking of starting a minicab office and would like a cheap/reliable way of communicating with customers to keep the bills down to make a profit.how does skype work on this(uk)

moving company

I think, Yes, you should move your business number to skype. Skype is the best way of conversation or you can say that best way of video chatting if the person is too away from you and quite impossible to meet him/her on random basis.

hosted pbx provider

Wherever you move your business number to, make sure that you are always able to answer the calls of your clients. In the end, it's gonna be the most important thing, so you better weigh things on where can you be more efficient in customer support. There are other call management alternatives for small and medium-sized businesses, so I just hope that you know first your options before you decide. Good luck on your endeavors, Tony!

- Emile Marston

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