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Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Hi Tony, I'm getting a bunch of spam from myself, well using my address, so wonder if someone's hitting TypePad related sites. Probably not but its a version of my address only related to blogging.
It's not your mail provider inserting the "SPAM" comment in emails is it? Mine offers to tag spam, with [SPAM], or delete it I use the tag option as about 5% of the things they think are spam are not. Amusing, recently they even tagged their own mail-out to subscribers as spam :-)


# the world has decided that my email address and/or
# email server is evil.

It's pretty well-known that Domain Direct/Tucows is evil. Go with GoDaddy.


Tony - I hope things are slightly better now than when you wrote this. We've made a bunch of changes to our spam filtering to help deal with this problem. We're also in the final stages of rolling out a new spam quarantine system for our customers. Let me know if I can help with anything in the future. ross@tucows.com

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