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2 Kids, 1 Wife, Melbourne, Australia, Podcaster, Productivity and GTD, Leadership Coach, Facilitation, Sustainability, Learning and Development Manager, Sales Trainer, Systems Trainer, Selling, Blog, Tablet PC, MindMapper, Web Technology, Twitter, Skype.


Moved to Melbourne, Australia in June 2001, from London.
How we learn is my passion, and podcasting - interviewing interesting people.
Set up here as a Sales Training Consultant and have moved into Productivity and Getting Things Done(GTD), Leadership Coaching, Learning and Development management for large roll-out projects.
I love technology and how we can make it interesting in how we communicate and learn, you know, Twitter etc.

Tennis, Cycling, Snowboarding/Skiing, Man Utd, Carlton (Aussie Football), Writing, Internet Surfing, and of course wife (Annie), daughter Georgia (Sept 2001), son Jay (November 2003).
I love the idea of work and play increasingly overlapping.

So those who dream of visiting, or moving to Australia, I’m your resident whinging Pom contact.

I’m a big fan of The Cluetrain Manifesto (and the follow-ups from the Cluetrain boys), Dilbert, Tom Peters!. I love good branding and design. Good writing. First ports of call in the morning are the BBC website followed by The Guardian, The Age, Herald Sun, Football 365 and Dilbert.


life, chocolate, tennis, house, podcasting, technology, football, cycling, the graduate, sustainability, gtd, productivity, eft, improv, man united, twitter, carlton, artist's way, 4 hour workweek, podcast listening, more chocolate.