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February 18, 2007



I agree with you about , where the selling process is going on.
Even tough the sales process involve human beings, Do you think that some day, because of the internet and online culture, the sales person will be replaced by some kind of interactive website or something like that, where the customer can get all de facts,values,benefits, even problems, about a product or service, or the customer can build a comprehensive solution with their specific requirements and needs, without involving a sales person?

Tony Goodson

I think there will be a reduction in the number of salespeople needed, but there will always be a desire by some customers and clients to deal with a human! Also, the complexity of some business means that you do need human intervention.

On the retail side, I'm sure there will be a move increasingly to non-human interaction, but I'm sure it won't disappear altogether.

Customers and Clients have different preferred ways of buying. Some want to go on Dell and configure a system themselves, others want to go in a shop and talk to someone, even though there's a premium to pay for that.

Look around and you see shops with fewer and fewer assistants, except for the ones that choose to have specialist assistants.

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