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Monday, March 15, 2004


Azhar Hussain

Effective salespeople have absolute job security; make good money and most claims to obtain a great deal of job satisfaction. So what's the secret to sales success?
Sales styles vary. Some salespeople use their charm and wit; some are straightforward and get down to the nitty-gritty of business. Others gently convince buyers that they need the product they are selling. However, overall, most successful salespeople share a set of common characteristics and most of these can actually be acquired and honed to perfection.

These skills and personality traits include the ability to 'think on your feet'; trust your own intuition; self-confidence; a strong interest in other people and their lives; positive thinking; competitiveness and an ability to thrive under pressure.

These are the skills that are required for a salesman.

Soft Skills
Success Orientation
Organisational skills


hi there..

I just graduate as a Software engineer and start working as a consultant.

one of the requirments of the consultancy is to meetup with clients and sell the application the company i work for builts... and i never thought its this hard to be a salesperson..

could anyone be kind enough to give me few tips on how to do this job better? any suggestions are wellcome as i am sinking... :)

Thanks a million..


Yeah Michelle

Oh yes... sex with a good sales person is great!!


Great post! I've been thinking a lot about this. When asking that question you must determine what perspective you are asking it from -- customer, prospect, or company the sales person is working for. Some sales people are highly regarded within an organization for "results" but hated by their clients for their churn and burn mentality. They typically move around the organization fast enough not to get burned and leave other sales folks to pick up the tab.

Personally, I judge how good a salesperson is based on whether or not I would buy from them.

I think your ideas on how diverse salespeople are right on. One of the skills a good salesperson has is the ability to synthesize 1) the individual styles of the prospects he is working with, 2) the culture of the organization, 3) the business issues based on discovery and research
3) where the company is in its corporate lifecyle.

The salesperson that takes all this and synthesizes it into a sales process that fits will win.

Thanks for a thoughtful post.

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