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Thursday, July 08, 2004


Cameron Reilly

duuuude. don't feed me this stuff. I'm already para enough about the long-term effects of childcare on my kids. I have two 3-year olds(twins). They've been in childcare since they were about 18 months as well. One of them has been really aggressive towards us and his carers over the last couple of months. He still tells me he doesn't like going to childcare. He'd rather stay at home. But we both work, so... no family around. It's a tough decision. They both learn so much, and the social environment has to have its benefits. I think you just need to take extra effort to make sure the time you do have with them is "quality time". Although I heard someone say once that the only quality time is "quantity time". Let me know if you figure out any solutions.

Peter Willems

Tony, please let me thank you for the pictures of gorgious Georgie - here expressions are priceless. Thanks, Georgia - I owe you!

I am not an expert, but I guess that crèche is good for her at any age: it is in her nature to develop social skills primarily with and from her peers. Perhaps your role as parent should be to extend these to anyone she may encounter in her live, which I hope will be a happy one.

Peter Willems

(There is a typo in my mail address. And I hate to be anonymous ;-)

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