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Saturday, November 27, 2004


hugh macleod

Cheerios are an oat-based breakfast cereal. Huge brand in the States you can also get it in the UK.

I like the "Ours vs Theirs" idea. A lot =)


Lovemarks is "They" because it is not, prima facie, about a principle, process, or ethos that governs all of a companies actions. It is about a quantitative "score keeping" system that is the equivalent of a teacher trying to motivate you with a gold star or a parent trying to make you love him/her by buying a car. Craiglist is a "We" company not because of what they do, but b/c of how they do it. Newspapers, monster, and headhunters have done the "what" that craigslist does for decades, but no one did it how they did it.

cheap computers

I don't think Lovemarks presents a vision of the future beyond brands.

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