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Sunday, November 28, 2004


hugh macleod

I can't quite figure Tom Peters out.

His ideas are very "Cluetrain", but his style of delivery is very "Lovemarks".

In a recent post, I talked about a possible hybrid Lovemark-Cluetrain compromise, for people who can't quite make up their mind about which fork to take.... "The Lovetrain".

"So which camp are you betting on? Perhaps you don't think taking sides is necessary? Perhaps you think there's a "Third Way", a solution that borrows the best of both worlds? Y'know, something kinda sorta cutting-edge and kinda sorta Cluetrain-savvy that still manages to afford your company's iMacs, Aeron Chairs and pert, young receptionists? You could call it the "Lovetrain" or whatever...."

Link: http://www.gapingvoid.com/Moveable_Type/archives/001126.html

Anyway, Tom Peters is Mr. Lovetrain to me. I see his constituency as people who want to feel "ahead of the curve", but at the same time quite like their comfy little armchair world they're living in.


Tony Goodson

I agree. I love Tom Peters! And I love what he's always said about Branding and Design. Some of the LoveMarks chapters could have been written by him.

I suspect the problem is with the messenger being Kevin Roberts. It doesn't quite smell right, especially with the Saatchi overlay and sucking up to clients. He seems too compromised and it's become a Saatchi advert.

The best answer Johnnie Moore and I could come up with is for Kevin to have a weblog and then we get to hear his voice. He won't be able to fake it if he writes regularly.

I do love good design and branding (or I should say Brands!), so I agree with you on LoveTrain. Tom Peters is my guide.
Where I agree with Johnnie is the idea that commodities can somehow be dressed up and made important. It's fun to have beer differentiated, it's just when self-important self-proclaimed know-it-alls like Kevin Roberts start to tell us about the love for detergent, that my teeth start to grind.


I agree, Tom Peters is tops, one of his books turned me on in a big way. The guys been around, born again with Cluetrain, but I seem him slipping up on lovemarks.
Hard to get the old time religion - fixation on products - out of your veins, and Lovemarks has a weird blend of reivisonism that is inviting people through the back door and back into their old fixations. I expect ephemeralizaiton ( and commentary) should clean this mess up.

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