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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Cameron Reilly

Dude! Sorry if posting the IM conversation upset you! I thought it was a funny conversation and didn't think you'd be this cut. C'mon, it's not like anyone reads my blog. But anyway, my sincere apologies. It won't happen again (to you... everyone else is fair game). As for the idea of getting all of us on the show... sounds great to me! Set it up! :-)
How can I make it up to you? A free G'Day World T?

Nicole Simon

I do recheck those things to see if they are okay most of the times. But of course, the simple 'can I blog this?!' leads to more holding back also.

Problem with qouted IM - the tempo is missing in which things are answered, and that is an important part of the conversation too. I figured, that is why I use smileys and things like *grrr* etc very frequently - to express the underlying tone of a written word otherwise not noticed.

Because if you are in chitchat with someone and this text is posted later, you will loose that undertone known to both parties at the time it was typed.

Tony Goodson

It was a funny conversation and well worth publishing except it talked about other people. Next time we can do it knowing it will be published and it can be game on!!


You rang?

jennifer rice

Tony, I'm so glad you wrote this. I was wondering why you wouldn't want Mark in the book; his inclusion will bring a lot more visibility! I think Scoble's going to join the project as well, which is quite exciting. The only thing to which I took offense was the 'right-wing' accusation! (I'm actually a mix of right & left depending on the subject, but that's another conversation for another day...). Anyway, I really got quite a good laugh out of Cameron's post; no harm done.

jennifer rice

Oh, and BTW... I invited Mark 'cold' but we do have a mutual friend who gave me an official referral.


Jennifer, to make it up to you, how about you come on the show and we can discuss Atlas Shrugged, your blog, and your politics? :-)

Thanks for being cool about the IM. Sincere apologies for the offence.

[email protected]


Interesting chain of events unfolding here....
I thought it was a humourous conversation, but it was up to me the decide the context in which it was held. And therein lies the danger with publishing "private" conversations. It's up to the third party to decide how to "take" what is said.... Because I read Tony's blog regularly, I "know" him, his sense of humour and his turn of phrase. I am not as familiar with the other players though. So I checked out to see if Jennifer was a "babe" aswell as Camerons site...
I wonder what my take would have been if I didn't know anyone?

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