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Monday, January 03, 2005



From the US & canada

Gilbert Gottfried
Flip Wilson
Dick Martin
Damon Wyans
Jim Carey
Mark McKinney
Norm MacDonald
Eddie Murphy
Robin Williams

Also, if Ted Danson is on the list then I think t probably should be a whole lot bigger!

Tony Goodson

Jim Carrey, gee he's funny, NOT!
And Robin Williams? I guess he was funny as Mork. At the time!
I assume you've not heard of many of the Brit comedians.

And as for Ted Danson. Well he's produced at least twice as a comic actor, but you could include many sitcom actors on that criteria. Go ahead, extend your list.


OK I'll bite, further.

Lucille Ball, probably the best comedienne of all time. Forget the last "Lucy show." She was gold. Funny and good dirty too. Current US comdedians - I forgot Chris Rock, he's actually become very funny. I happen to be a fan of Buddy Hackett too. An acquired taste.

British comedy is great, add Warren Mitchell ( til Death Us do part), Graham Chapman and Michael Palin to your list. And some of the people from the Office. Probably the cast from Ab Fab. I dont know.

But as for British fromage merchants like Frankie ( Salute!) Howard, add them and you have to add other musichall postwar hacks like Sid James and the rest of those "naughty" Carry On funsters. I agree with Eric Morcambe - who was a GENIUS - but Ken Dodd? Diddy Doddy? Teeth funny, yes, humour funny, not.

Robin Williams was like Gilbert Gottfried still is. Uunreal, surreal, amazing in clubs, as was Steve Martin; all are still funny. However, watching them crouch into the lucrative category of family entertainment has been no fun to watch. So strike them off your list if you like. Watch them on Letterman though. Unique and funny.

As for Jim Carrey, I happen to think my fellow Canadian is hilarious, and that Dumb & Dumber is a cinematiuc masterpiece. Really.

I rest my case about Ted Danson. Contribution to the american sitcom? Ha, ha.

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