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Monday, April 04, 2005



fuck you stupid fuckwit man utd supporter, man utd supporters are the worst in the country no wonder the real people of manchester support man city than ur cock licking club, fucking have a cry about the coins LOSER, man utd players are so fucking ugly i.e rooney, im glad toon didnt get him, too fucking ugly


You bitter, bitter, bitter....numpt!

Rooney's Latest Granny-Shag

Judging by your CV history you must be old enough to be your daughters Grandfather LOL!!!!

And who gives a fuck that she was due on Sept 11 2001 but came two weeks late. Does that make her physic or something???

Oh yes I hope Arsenal shaft you in the final!

Finally....ROLLERBLADING???!!! - at your age - LMFAO (Laughing My Fucking Arse Off)


I'm glad people like you dislike newcastle, you are a nacker of the highest order, and live very very far away from manchester.
Therefore you must be a diehard Manure fan.

Oh, and your family is very ugly.


this utter rubish wasted 10 seconds of my life, and i want them back.

what a complete waste of webspace that could be used be used to give us men free access to... err stuff, but instead you decided to tell us 10 random facts about you're miserable life,i now know you're dad is from canada fuckwit.
go crawl into a whole and die, i hear there are quite a few in manchester.

what made you feel feel that people on the web care, i'm very interested to know how many hits this site gets a day tony. seriously if you just wanted someone to talk to go to a phychiatrist, did you just feel that you had to talk to someone, just let it all out, are you a bit lonely. this website is quite big, it must take up a lot of you're time.


Waheeyyyyyyy: well thats what you get with inbreds

Tony Goodson

This is fun. It's like being visited by a family of baboons, in black and white stripey shirts.

Born and bred in Manchester. Supported them for longer than your combined ages and IQs.

Your arguments are compelling (Geordie translation - Good). I will take the website down immediately, divorce the wife, and stop supporting Man Utd, and follow the local team Melbourne Victory.

Good point, Rooney is more ugly than er....Nicky Butt.


IQ? I got one art o-level pal.

fuck manure

whats with manure supporters all jumping on their bandwagon in the 90's but claim they have been on it for many years more

Red Devil

Don't listen to them Tony, I read your website all the time and I love your work, I'm just sorry it's taken so long for me to show my support.

After reading your journal, I decided that I would stop following Arsenal and start supporting Man Utd.

You rule. For ever.


so what if shearer declined man utd u arrogant fucking man utd cock licker, not every great player has to join ur money loving, arrogant, sell out club, in fact on the internet there is 100's of more man utd hate clubs than newcastle hate clubs, and by the way we dont hate man utd becasue we are jelous of ur trophies, in fact we envy teams like arsenal who have plenty more trophies and are purely class, we hate man utd cause ur all a bunch of sell out fuckwits who ruin football


Ah yes the wonderful cartoon army who in the early 90's were getting gates of 10,000 at home and they accuse Man United fans of jumping on the bandwagon . You have a board who hates you and slags you off .You have the cheek to talk about our ugly players when u have that fine figure of a man in Mr Shepard in charge of your club .and to cap it all you never win F.A.JUST WHAT YOU DESERVE.

manure hater

fuck off ivan ya fucking tosser cunt


Man u illustrate the destruction of english football
you are a filthy jew that deserves to die


i take that back
that was racist

i just hate man u so much


The comment by red devil is false

who would change their loyalty to the enemy

fuck manure

only a manure fan would change teams they support as frequently as they get fucked in the asshole, and for those of u who dont know, thats all the time

Toon Toon

You Sad Bastard, Get a grip ya tit!

Atleast Newcastle Fans are from the north east unlike all the cockney twat that follow Manchester United. Yas are going lower and lower and Haha the sucessful team won fuck all this season. Cheer for the Arsenal. Ya sad twat.


ur jus a tit


Man U are referee bribing cheating bastards with boring players who deserve to be bombed by the luftwaffe again. Ha ha fuck you cos you will never win the premiership again and those yankie ginger bastards you sold out to will rape your club dry and then you and millions of other glory hunters will switch to supporting chelsea instead. Go fuck yourself you fag shitter!!!

proper fan

Unlike the rest of you, I will debate eloquently rather than effing and blinding all over the place. Nobody likes Man. U.. Why? Their whole fan base is South of Guilford. Newcastle used to be an entertaining team under King Kev and Sir Bob but have been ruined by Gullit, to a lesser extent, Dalglish , and more recently, Shepherd and Souness. At least we still have proper players like Shearer, Owen, Dyer, Parker and Emre.
Man. U. are hated worldwide nad even have to put up with Rio "Snorter" Ferdinand and Alan "Talentless" Smith. They are not supported so much as payed into - a faceless co-orparation. Did I mention no-one likes them?


I'm not a guy that hates, but I have never hated anything more than Newcastle. As a Sunderland supporter, if i said if i did, I'd go to Sunderland hell. I'm Canadian (my family's from Sunderland) and we don't usually hold grudges. but nothing has ever made me angrier than Newcastle. Shearer is a joke. Ten Newcastle fans don't make half as much noise as one Sunderland fan! We're better than you!!!!


Scum !!!


3-2 at the weekend you Canadian prick

Canadian Mackem

Denied a penalty you Geordie prick

Canadian Mackem

And compare 100 million on players on ur side, to our 5 million. i'd say we got our money's worth. and by the way, owen did everything but insult you and you still love him


Yeah, I don't follow soccer, cause hockey is so cool..... I don't even know the positions in soccer, keeper, striker, mid-field guy, cause he stands in the middle, and maybe forward? anyways, I'm never commenting on soccer again

sunderland mad


Mark the Red

Too fuckin right! Newcastle are shit! And so is the pathetic shitty town they claim is a city. It the worst place in England next to Sunderland i fuckin hate geordie moanin bastards!

Phil Rooney (No Im not related to that fat Cunt Wayne)

YOUR A Fucking CUNT SON What a fucking bellend !!!

Man Utd what a bunch of Wankers. half of you cunts aint even been to Old Trafford or Manchester for that matter & your probs one of them. I went to Cardiff for the Semi Final fair enough we got fucked 4-1 off arguebly a better team but so Fuck Football is about supporting a team who you have a connection with or the place you grew up.

Anyway so Fuck there was abit Violence at Old Trafford when we visited in the 80's if we don't like a group of twats from Manchester so What?? We kick there fucking heads in ...Ever seen Football Factory mate?? "IS IT WORTH IT OF COURSE IT FACKING IS, I FACKING LAVE IT U CUNT"!!!!

Don't expect you've seen it like your were probs watching Neighbours or Crocodile Dundee or that Aussie footy shite !!

Anyway its been a canny few months for all you's muppets that follow Man Utd scum. Keane has left who to be fair is the back bone of the team, George "Drunken Cunt Best is dead and you's are being run by a bunch of Yanks Quality stuff- Well I suppose it could of been worse it could be getting run by a bunch of Aussies like your lot.

To top it all off I would love to see another Munich disaster like 1958 when you's cunts go to Benfica in a few weeks time with Ferguson, Ronaldo, Rooney, Horseheed(Nistelrooy)all involved and Bobby Charlton cos he's a cunt to. Very Harsh I admit but probably fair cos you's cunts would deserve it.

Fucking Aussie for Fucks Sake what do you know about football Skippy ??!! or even Cricket for that matter ??!!

You Know XXXX mate so stick to Aussie Rules ya big Gallar !!!

Anyway I've ended my comedy little rant, Maybe Newcastle will never be as good as Man Utd I'm big enough to accept that. But I'd rather be a Geordie than A Fucking Glory Seeking Manc wannabe !!!


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