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Friday, April 08, 2005



Plenty of Manchester United on my blog.


Manchester -> Melbourne 2005

Cameron Reilly

Tony, what happens when you try to play our shows on your mp3 player?

Tony Goodson

It loads perfectly and shows the title, but when I try to play it, it says "Format Error" on the MP3 player window. It does this with all but 2 Bizblog podcasts, plus maybe one or two others, and no other MP3s or podcasts that I've played, from all other sources.

It's the player software/firmware in my MP3 player, because it works when I play off the MP3 device as a disc drive, by using the player on my laptop.

The question is what is causing it. It must be how you're saving the MP3, bitrate? frequency? something else?

It's a Haldex 256MB MP3 Audio Player, this thing, http://www.haldex.com.au/Client_pages/Downloads/Egoman%20262%20MP3.pdf


So, I'm curious. Am I still on your RSS list? Heheh.

(You're on mine, btw).

Best regards,

hugh macleod

I'm a "branding" blog....?

"Creating Passionate Users" totally rocks. Kathy Sierra is a goddess.

Peter Durand

Tony! Thanks for adding us to your RSS feeds! We feel honored. Make sure and let us know what you're interested in learning more about so we can be diligent and relevant in our research.


P.D. in Pittsburgh, PA

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