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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Michael Almond

Thanks for a great post. I think the ClueTrain Manifesto is the most interesting document I've read regarding the changes in the market. (though it is more than a few years old)

What is so interesting is that so many of the 95 theses in the manifesto are almost word for word exact tenets of Social Marketing. Interesting, Social Marketing is not mentioned at all, just the ideas.

What I am suggesting is that selling is alive and kicking, it's WHAT we are selling that is changing. I read more and more these days, ideas and theories similar to the Cluetrain Manifesto. It suggests to me that we are moving toward the selling of ideas over consumer products.

If so, this is ironic. Social Marketing borrowed from commercial marketing and now the opposite may to happening. Time will tell.

Jason Sinkovitz

Tony, thanks for mentioning Selling Is Dead on your blog. I'm one of the co-authors of the book, and I enjoyed reading your take on the question, "Is selling dead?" I'm also appreciative that you purchased a copy of the book. It sounds as though you will be writing a "review" of the book on your blog once you've read Selling Is Dead, so I'll look forward to it.

My co-author and I also wanted to make an offer to your readers. We would be happy to email (for free) the introduction from the book as well as part of Chapter 1. These pages provide our answer to the question, "Is selling dead?"

Anyone who wants this content from Selling Is Dead can email me at info@sogistics.com to get it. Put the words "Tony Goodson" in the subject box and also list your name, title, and company name. I'll do my best to reply within 24 hrs.

Thanks Tony!

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