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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Daryl Cook

Glad you found it! My old man lost his the first week he was married and believe me he has never lived it down! Needless to say, my parents are divorced now. Its more than a ring, its a symbol.


I lost my diamond wedding band that my husband bought me for our 25th wedding anniversary. I remember going to do planting and taking off both rings and putting it on the outside table...Darn..I don't remember anything after that. Later that evening when I went to take my rings off-they weren't there. This whole thing happened an hour away at our campground. I went back the next weekend and searched everywhere inside and out. My husband even picked up the decking. I'm not so irresponsible when it comes to my jewelry so I don't know what the heck happened.

Upset..really upset with myself in New Jersey.

Mark Vane

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Last week I realized my wedding band was not on my finger. I'd like to say I never take it off but this is not the case. I do not sleep with it on and must wash my hands without it. I am always careful to make sure it is put back on but somehow somewhere it is gone.
I have feelings of depression, despair and guilt. i never realized the symbolism it has but can clearly empathize with your 18 hours. 8 days and counting still hasnt turned up, i dont feel confident.

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Congratulation you found it,gosh! i would feel so sad if i lost my wedding ring or only misplace this its so precious to me, its also a symbol of my life.

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Do you know that Wedding ring weared in the third finger of left hand as there is great believe that vein of this finger go directly to heart.

Bridget Rossi

Awww, that's too bad that you've lost your wedding ring, but you're lucky that you've recovered it after a while. In my case, whenever I need to remove my ring, I always place it in a little container for me to easily find it, since come on, parting with item that's so memorable is devastating, also, the memories (man, I remember the experience at the jewelry stores like it was yesterday) made it irreplaceable.

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