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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Rob Kemp

The reason why there is no public transport to the airport is not quite a secret, but it's not widely reported, either. Buried amongst the paragraphs of the CityLink legislation is a clause that forbids public transport from linking to the airport (I can't remember the distance of the exclusion zone). I know it's insane, but it was part of the deal that will go on for decades. It sucks. Of interest also is the fact that CityLink is run by Transurban, a part of Transfield. No points for guessing who has a large stake in Yarra Trams? That's right - Transfield. Certainly is an interesting arrangement...


I suspect it is more likely that in places other then major tourist destinations or where taxis cost a fortune these things are white elephants! Skybus already provide a service as good and as fast as a train could - and tourists can get right to their hotel doors.

If we are going to build new public transport, then let's spend our money wisely on projects that may actually do some good for the average Melburnian!


I completely agree.
thats all

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