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Friday, October 27, 2006


Michael Specht

Tony, you really should go see the film. While humans are not the only cause of global warming as the earth goes through cycles. We are definitely sending the warming process into overdrive and above any levels seen before. One of the biggest issues is CO2 production and has been for the last 30 years. Al Gore has a great presentation style on the whole issue.

A network map at all zone 1 stops would be a start, it would stop me getting on the wrong tram down St Kilda Rd only to end up going up High St etc!

Andy Vaughan

Well I reckon all that hot air you're spouting Tony must be responsible for a pretty big hole in the ozone layer on its own! No, just kidding mate.

How the hell are you? I'm with Naomi in Japan at the moment and we were just checking out some obscure web sites. Needless to say, you don't get much more obscure than right here! Excellent photo gallery by the way. Seeing those snaps of you during your "stud" era puts me in mind of your hey day in the S.Manc Club Scene. You really should start a section on chat-up tips or the psychology of "trapping."

Do you still keep in touch with Andy Will? I have a horrible feeling that the last time I saw him may have been his 40th or shortly after! I see Rick Smith for the odd nostalgic night out and he still reminisces about Corfu circa 1980.....happy days.

Hi Tony from Tokyo! Who knows, we may one day get to Australia. (Naomi)

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