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Sunday, February 18, 2007


hugh macleod

Great, great post. Thank you!

Robin Capper

I'd rather not know, and keep investigating, than invent a mythical answer based on faith. Not knowing is ok!

If there is a God and "we knew it all", would we be God?

Chris L

It only seems so "strange" or "foolish" because you believe so firmly in the limitation of the speed of light, which is a scientific construct! Put simply, this "spooky action at a distance" (as Einstein put it when he mocked the idea of quantum mechanics) is only because we assume that things which are very small act the same as things which are very large. It's been shown in many less strange ways that this isn't true (uncertainty, light through slits, etc) and no one has any problem with them...

Moving to myth as explanation because it seems strange to one's conventional understandings makes even less sense. Look how many things today a person of 50 or 100 or 200 years ago would think impossible, magic, or an act of god that we take for granted knowing that they only break the "rules" because our conception of the rules was so limited? This is no different...

Look at gravitation. We know there is gravitational force, we know that items act on each other because of their mass, but we don't know exactly how. Strictly speaking, this action at a distance is still inexplicable. We accept it only because we accept metaphors like heavy spheres on rubber mats with marbles rolling past, not because it makes any more "sense" -- quantum mechanics defy our senses, but that doesn't make them less logical or real, it just makes our senses limited.

I guess we could say that it's God or Ganesh responsible for these things which we don't understand, but it seems more reasonable to expand our frame, look at our assumption, and continue looking for the explanations and rules, knowing they aren't universal. It's worked pretty well so far for most everything else...

Gareth Williams

Yes, science has been struggling with quantum mechanics since the concepts were first proposed in 1900. Yet it hasnt prevented us from applying the concepts to further our technologies. Entanglement is an active area of experimental research. So resorting to "uh i dont understand it must be that magic dude in the next dimension" is a really lame bit of reasoning (akin to people thinking the human eye is evidence of a creator when - guess what - good old evolution and science provide a perfectly acceptable explaination)

There is no need to resort to this kind of pseudo-scientific psychobabble!


Clive For Nothing

I agree with Hugh Macleod.

You ask where does God fit into this? I understand why you even think he does.

Just because we've not got the knowledge to explain something, it's madness to say it must be God (essentially, a mythical creature) doing wierd stuff. And then, presumably, making 'wooo whooOOoo' ghosty noises.

Cripes, we'd never persue any difficult to obtain science if we went with that.

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