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Thursday, March 01, 2007


steve clayton


Has it gotten any better after a day or so? one thing that can happen is the content indexing (aka search) in outlook can slow things down for a while. just wondering if that may be the source of the slowdown?

as for new features, powerpoint has some great ones. notably when you drop images in and double click - you get the formatting ribbon which has some nice touches that used to take me 30 mins in Photoshop. also if you have a bulleted list in powerpoint, try a right click and convert to smartart - may (or may not) be of use.

hope this helps


Tony Goodson

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the comment.

It's not the content indexing, because I'm not using it!

I use Google Desktop, not because it's better, just that I started with Microsoft Desktop search but it didn't have an add-on for MindManager 6 mindmaps, Google did, so I switched to Google.

I was hoping to attract some Office 2007 tips, and now you're talking.

I've had more of a play with smartart, and that is looking very good. How do you make boring bullet points look more interesting. SmartArt seems just the thing. Or don't have bullet points!

And I've had more of a look at image editing, and there is a lot more there than I first thought.

So yes, your comment has helped. Where's the best place for simple Office 2007 (PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel) tips?


I have heard of people having similar issues that were resolved after they disabled the RSS feed stuff...

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