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Monday, March 12, 2007


Jonathan Browne


Nothing gets the borg more heated than magazines like gameinformer, and douche bags that work at Gamestores.

Game informer sucks, because of the lack of open mindedesness by the reviewers. The magazine is tied toan average across all the reviews. What this means is that games that
are well worth playing, which many people may enjoy more than the so
called triple a games, are ridiculed and given low scores. Even if
the reviewer admits to enjoying the game, they are forced to give
low reviews to keep their reviewing average the same.

As an unpaid journalist, the borg would kill to be in the position
these guys are in. They get exclusive demos, they
get access to any game, they are paid to PLAY GAMES. It feels as if
they have stopped loving the games and do it as job instead of a passion.

As for gamestore employees, they are usually completely biased clowns who aren’t even particularly knowledgeable about games, and mislead customers with incorrect information. The other day some particularly stupid motherfuckers thought they were funny by pointing at their dick and talking about how the Wii can suck their wee wee.

The funny part is, that was probably sexual frustration more than it was a diss against the Wii. Maybe girls would suck their wee wees if they weren’t such close minded pricks.



I'd recommend a Wii... (but then maybe I'm a Nintendo fanboy...) but you could always go for an XBox and get the Jetpac remake http://www.destructoid.com/jetpac-refuelled-crash-lands-on-xbla-next-wednesday-30558.phtml

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The most recent generation of video game consoles has started to converge with traditional home theater functions. Both the Xbox and PlayStation 2 could play DVD movies and the newer consoles will soon feature TiVo-esque abilities for recording television shows.....


Get the Wii. It's an awesome console and you can download classic games.

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So is it time for the kids to become addicted? And which is it? Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, or a previous generation console, or build a PC!! I won't use it much other than to beat them at their own games!! And by the time they're a bit older, it will be time for the next generation anyway.

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In my humble opinion is the best console out there, the others simply follow the way when Nintendo has innovated in the market with games like Mario Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong has always topped the list of the games number one, my respect for Nintendo.

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Please let me share my thoughts in this certain topic.. I prefer Nintendo Wii because through that entertainment system, not only they are having fun but that fun also includes some movements which is better than any other system. But if the gamers are too young, then I think, as a parent, make them focus on their studies first..

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The latest generation of game consoles began to approach any of the traditional home theatre. Both the Xbox and PlayStation 2 can play DVD movies and console soon feature new TiVo-esque ability to record TV programs. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, or the previous generation of consoles, or build a PC.

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The journal is linked Toan average in all comments. games that are playing well in dollars, many people can enjoy more of what is called the triple of the Games, are ridiculed and taking into account the low scores. The latest generation of game consoles began to converge with the traditional roles of home theatre.


I never thought that India did not have the resources and power to organise the commonwealth games. What a shame, really, what a shame... feel sorry for all of those who have trained so hard to go there.

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