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Saturday, May 26, 2007


larry langman


No,no,no we are not running out of oil. Oil will be there long after you and I are carbon.

What we are running out if is time to make the changes that are going to be needed to avoid the economic and social trauma of remarkably high prices over the short term....3 years. And even higher prices after that.

Yes by 2013, 6 years from now, we may well have started to, at a national level, create an energy infastructure along the lines addressed in this weblog. However the issue that needs more immediate address is what are we going to do to ensure our food security. Google "Food Miles" to learn more. Now that is something you and I can really focus on. Ensuring that what we eat is locally grown. And by local I mean local.

We should expect nothing from government local state or federal. Strategies like "transition towns" "re-localise" are the strategies we need to advocate.

Stop the "they should", because "they" will do nothing !! Its you and I and every other voting citizen. There are a lot of hearts and minds out there...who do not know and need to know.

So finally our duty must be to get educated and then educate others. Change will only come one conversation at a time.


"4. Melbourne with it's electric powered tram and train system is looking good, but there will have to be a much better and longer term transport strategy with hugely more investment, and the same with the other cities in the world."

Yeah, for a few thousand people living along the tramlines. Now try to scale this up to 3million people! Forget it we are doomed DOOMED!


Hello Friend!

It's my first time writing to a blog- thanks for the invite, Tony, You've picked my virtual Blog cherry! In relation to the BIG environmental issue of Peak Oil ( I just watched Crude Impact tonight), I would love to contribute with my perspectives on what I have been connecting to recently in the last year. to allow a background, my involvement with the environment started when I was quite young when I used to get to school with my sister, crossing a a small creek called Koonung Creek, a tributary of Merri Creek, that eventually ends up as part of the Yarra River, in suburban Doncaster/Box Hill, (for those who may not know, is a eastern suburb in Melbourne, Australia). I watched this beautiful creek with all its nature getting demolished for an extension of the Eastern freeway. For me, the gushing of the creek and feeling the current when I took my shoes and socks off to get to the other side, and the excitement of getting to the other side without falling in the water, albeit not without entering my classroom with muddy shoes, was an enlivening process for me. To feel water, the coldness, how it took my breath away by the natural, indiscriminant chill was exciting for someone who grew up with not much else but a constant curiousity and hunger to learn about life and instead chose to the habit of peer-smoking cigarettes behind the trees on our very flat football oval at breaktime. So I grew up, became a chef, journeyed through accepting myself as a human being, and part of this human race by deying myself of love and hitting rock bottom, going through a the seediest depths of how humans can survive in the western world, particularly in the veins of drug addiction and selling oneself to the protection of Chinese and Vietnamese Triads. I chose to get myself up and running again, and it took me a decade or so to allow emotions in, feel human, accept love, and give love. In the past weekend, I am pleased to have come to this point to be able to share I hosted an event called Changing the Dream, presented by an internationally acclaimed organisation called Be the Change to bring forth a guiding prinicple of an Environmentally sustainable, Spiritually fulfilling and Socially just human presence on this world, in our lifetime. In the last year where I have volunteered to the movement for most of my waking time, (when I am not preparing for my classes) I have connected to much useful notions:

In relationship to the initial point- The western world will hit, if not has already hit the Peak Oil phenomena, Hubbert's point, that we have hit it in th 70's was scorned by U.S. Oil producers, because the oil was hitting hard, and looked like it would run forever. I am no expert inthis matter, I work to generate these events called Chnaging the Dream Symposiums together with an oil engineer, ecologists, environmentalists, teachers, business mangers, event organisers, (each of us are volunteers) and we all know that this is part of the reality we face in the next five to ten years. None of us in the team are defined "experts", I wonder who can be titled as experts. If each of us are consciuosly awre and have the abitlity to think, process, feel, make empowered and informed choices, then that is enough of an expert to me. If each of us can listen to what is going on, listen to the alarm bells and really get in touch with the messages we are getting- beyond the media, to the whispers of concerns now being raised by the very people who may be the basic working class, middle class, upper class residents, to those who are becoming aware of the very real future wich lies before us, only for those willing to take up the courage and risk looking "different, wierd, perhaps even maniacal", this is the time to get aware, listen to what the concerns are about, talk to your neighbours, listen to their concerns, share yours, talk about what can be done.
My next project is to meet all the people who reside in my street in East Brunswick, share with them an idea of bulk buying water tanks, and begin educating local residents on what we can do, show documentaries like Crude Impact, Crude Awakening, An Inconvenient Truth, The power of Community. All the people in my team are residents in regular suburbs, we work enough to get by and pay our rents and have a bit extra to play with, because we can, we live in the kind of first-world western style, where we can. And we acknowledge this and know it is our duty of care as a citizen of the world to share this, by taking action and lifting the paradigms to create an insurgance of action for a belief and being-ness bigger than what we believe ourselves to be now, and that means to stand for a world where the forests in the Amazon are not cut down to clear way for land to grow soy beans on which end up in the EU to feed cows, which are inhumanely killed, then sent off to to be eaten without regards to where the sources came from, to be living in a time of history where we face the biggest sixth mass extinction (after the extinction of dinosaurs, where we face the loss of 19 species of animals a day)These are two examples where the issues we face are not just connected to one thing, but inextricably interlinked to three major issues - social, environtmental and spiritual. My passion and visions are that each of us can stand for a world where people may live freely, to express humanity with the vitality and compassion we have, protect and cherish other forms of life, live and work sustainably, live as conciously as possible, and I believe, at the moment, that takes courage and honesty from the species at the highest source of the living chain, and that is us, humans. We are in a time where we can live the most meaningful life ever, in the course of history. It can be enriching and exciting. Perhaps when the large population awaken to the fact that the use of cars like SUV's must be examined, because of a massive decline in oil availability, then people will start sobering up and start to move from the party. Some may still be partying, thinking the champagne will continue to be filled, only to look around to see the waiters have long gone. Its a personal choice - get real, start being in conversation about possibilities, learn what you don't know, go to environmental discussions, debate, its bloody fun and creative, moving out of the comfort circle I say! Its like wearing undies for the first time! Fresh and tight! I cycle around everywhere and I've never been fitter and happier and proud for what I stand for. I used to be a consumer, longing to be filled by what I bought, now, I just get filled by eating what I need to, and filled by love from connecting to possibilities, other passionate human beings, oh, and stopping to admire the roses and smelling them. Oh, and lastly, I've recently started to write in other people's blogs! ;) I invite you to get on board!!! Have fun!

Love Hiroko

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