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Wednesday, January 09, 2008



Punctures are pretty straightforward. I'd recommend having quick release levers though, and having a practice at home on your back wheel (if you practice on the front, you'll only have to practice on the back later on).

Personally, I carry an inner tube, wrapped in a baggie to prevent holing due to rubbing, in my underseat saddlebag. It'd be faster than waiting for rubber glue to dry. I also carry a puncture kit and tyre levers (three).


Hint. No bucket of water is needed to find the hole. Take the tube out. Inflate it (it will inflate much more than if in the harder tyre). Once inflated, go around it and put it to your face. Listen and feel.

Don't forget to (carefully) feel inside the tyre to check for foreign bodies before putting your tube back!

The reason for a third lever is so that if you can't slide the second all the way round, you can lock off lever number 2 on a spoke, then continue with lever 3, and if needed, lock this off and leapfrog it with 2.


Tony Goodson

Thanks Murky, great advice, and after my recent experiences it's time to learn via the link you sent me and others on YouTube.

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