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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


David Freer

Hi Tony,

David F from Symantec here. Your brand new Norton 360 actually has a password manager built into it. Norton Identity Safe will essentially do everything you want. Have a look, its in a tool bar on your browser.

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Jennifer Yin

Hi Tony,

I am a huge fan of your blog. Actually, it’s me to tell David Freer about your posting, so that he would leave a message here. It’s about the time to for Norton to launch Norton 360 4.0 again.

I’ve been lying & cheating by him for two & half years, until I found out the truth in Feb. this year. He is seeing more than one woman at the same time. And now he just toally disappearred & changed all the phone numbers, except OZ cell, but not answering. He reacted like a "hit & run" irresponsible baby. can you believe someone like this, with no ethics & intergrity?

I've left a message at TPN & realised you are not running there anymore. But I understood you have huge fans on twitter and/or the net world. Please help me to let people know David Freer's true face.


Jennifer Yin

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Really had great fun your blog. gracias

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